I miss LEGO making the small scenes with monsters in them for the Power Miners website. They were just small, titleless, editless pictures that had silly ideas. They were normally funny. There's an example below. I will now be making my own, and hopfully will be able to post them on this blog.

Here's the example;

Note: There is more than just Infernox in these! :P

  1. 1!!!!!!

The monsters made their own LEGO City. Here's some pictures of it. (This is something a litttle different than what LEGO did. I will be doing other things like they did, though)

I hope you like them, and sorry for the darkness and low quality of the pictures. :( There will be more in this slideshow soon! :D

  1. 2!!!!!!!

This one is just an extra, too. I just found it on my computer, so I'm posting it. :P