Many agree that Power Miners was an awesome theme. During the time while it was active, I was on the LEGO Message Boards. Rumors were EVERYWHERE about what was going to happen next. Even more than what's common with a theme. Everyone had an idea of what should happen next. Finally, 2 years later, we're having a contest to continue the theme yourself. Here's what to do:


Write something about your new sub-theme, anything, just keep it under 1000 words and 10 images (no videos). The judges (which are admins here) will read that. If they like the idea of your theme, they will continue on to all the other content you will post - MOCs, videos, comics, stories, whatever you want. Just keep it entertaining, because the judges have the right to stop reading the minute they get bored. If there's an especially exciting part that they should read, leave them a message pointing out where it is.

Please do not include the following in your theme
  • Guns (not including dynamite launchers and fire/liquid nitrogen shooters)
  • Anything that flies
  • Real people
  • Inappropriate or questionable language (any judge has the right to disqualify an entry if they find an offensive word)
Please do include the following in your theme
  • New sets
  • A detailed description of what is going on
We have no restrictions on
  • Colors


The winning user's story will be posted all over the internet for thousands to see, not just Wikia. The user will also receive a badge he/she is allowed to put on all LEGO-related wikis. (Additional rewards?)