• Comes in the Boulder Blaster Only
  • Comes in the Crystal King Only
  • Possibly Rex
  • Unnamed Miner in a Silver Suit
Out of the 7 Miners, 3 are unnamed.

One sports a metal plate covering a nasty scar (Eg: Magma Mech), another has a unibrow and various cuts and scrapes on him (Eg: Granite Grinder.), and lastly the other one has bushy eyebrows and aftershave (Eg: Stone Chopper.), he is possibily named "Boss", but it is unknown. Some consider the Unnamed Miner(s) to be different facial versions of named miners (Eg: Duke version 2).

Duke Controverse Edit

Some believe Duke has three forms,

  • The two unibrowed characters
  • Images 7 on the slide above

Rex Controverse Edit

Some believe that the miners with the metal plate on his head is Rex, while some believe it's the unibrowed character, and yet, some believe he is the same as image 7.