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Titanium Command Rig


Doc, Brains, Duke, Tremorox and two Glaciator figures

Fun facts

Features a banana

The Titanium Command Rig is the Power Miners base on wheels and is vehicle number 10. It isn't the lead vehicle, because in the movies the Thunder Driller leads, but it is the one in-command. It is also the largest vehicle and set of the Power Miners theme. The Titanium Command Rig also has a moveable crane with a cage for a Rockmonster to attach or detach from the crane. It also contains a spinning drill like the Thunder Driller at it's front. It's interior contains two computer control consoles for captured Rockmonster studies. It is able to transform into a tower drill mode as well. It includes minifigures, Doc, Brains, Duke, 1 Glaciator minifig (though multiple people have reported getting 2) and Tremorox. descriptionEdit

Transform the rig from a vertical drilling platform that pulverizes solid rock with its titanium planetary drill to a powerful escape vehicle! Examine the caged blue rock monster in the lab, but watch out for his red rock-throwing partner!