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Thunder Driller
Thunder Driller


Duke, Doc, Firox

Fun facts

Has a removable roof

8960 Thunder Driller was released in January 2009 as part of the Power Miners line (being number 5 of the sets in the series). Included are Duke, Doc and a Firox monster minifigure. The vehicle contains a dual-geared drill system.`s DescriptionEdit

Tunnel through to the underground world! The rugged Thunder Driller is the most important vehicle in the Power Miners fleet! With its massive double-geared, auto-rotating planetary drill, it tunnels through solid stone to reach deep underground caverns and hidden rock monster hives. As long as its magma-core engine is fueled up and its huge spiked wheels keep turning, the Thunder Driller’s powerful dual-direction drill never stops spinning!

  • Motor shield opens to display gearing system and stored crystals!
  • Includes 2 miners, rock monster and more!
  • Combine with the 8958 Granite Grinder to create the massive Aero Shredder!
  • Vehicle measures 8" long and has giant spiky wheels!