Along with the classical rules of the Wiki network, has rules of it's own. We are slightly more

Rule One: Canon + Fanon = Mess!

You, as a user, are not permitted to add any fanon material to canon pages, unless approved by an admin. The main point is to keep the two seperate.

Rule Two: Organising Fanon & Canon

If you are permitted to add fanon to a canon page you must add a Level 2 header before posting ANY fanon, so it does not get entangled.

Rule Three: Custom Material (Stories & MOCs)

This rule has changed throughout a period of time. Previously, you were not allowed to post your content without an admin's consent. Now you can post fanon content (As long as it is its own page) at any given time.

We mostly allow Minifigs, Vehicles, and Stories as pages. If you have something like a custom accessory, it's nice to let an admin know.

If you need any help, see this example page.

We highly advise you to follow these rules, because if you do not, Rollbacks will be monitoring! All articles incorrectly placed will be put in the correct place. As long as you follow these orderly conducts, you shall be fine. If you become a troll and vandalize pages, your IP address will be blocked from editing.

Incorrectly posting something will not get you blocked, or in any 'trouble'.