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The Granite Grinder is the second set in the theme.
Granite Grinder's DescriptionEdit

Krakk! Krakk! Krakk! The rough, tough Granite Grinder is hunting for crystals, and its double-pronged jackhammer is just the tool for the job! Smash apart rocks, load crystals into the trailer, and haul ‘em back to base. Jackhammer really works when vehicle treads roll!

  • Features heavy-duty rubber treads, removable floodlight, attachable wagon for collecting crystals and removable gas cylinders!
  • Includes miner and rock monster and accessories!
  • Combine with 8960 Thunder Driller to create the massive Aero Shredder!


It includes a Glaciator monster and a Unnamed Miner.


Same name as a Rock Raiders Vehicle.

Entire set
Glaciator 2

Unnamed Miner