Fire Blaster

Set`s box.

Set 8188, the first set in the 2010 subtheme of Power Miners.It was relesed early in 2009.

8191 Lavatraz is a Power Miners set released in January of 2010 in the UK. Towards the end of June 2010, it was released in the United States in Toys R Us, LEGO Shop At Home, and most LEGO stores. It is set number 16 in the series, but is not labeled as such.


Included are one Doc, Duke (Silver, Version 3), a Firax monster, and Eruptorr, a large Lavamonster. The set includes the new lava-proof body armour, too. DescriptionEdit

Catch and extinguish the flammable Combustix monster!

Jump over streams of molten lava with the Fire Blaster’s powerful engine and keep up with the Combustix as he tries to avoid being extinguished by the water cannon. Use the dynamite launcher to keep the way clear of rocks and monsters! Fire Blaster features a dynamite shooter, water cannon and opening cockpit; 1 Combustix lava monster and 1 miner minifigure in heat-proof clothing.

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