Crystal Sweeper
Crystal Sweeper


Rex, Brains, Glaciator, Meltrox and Firox

Fun facts

Features a bike

8961 Crystal Sweeper was released in January 2009 as part of the Power Miners line (being set number 6 in the series). Included are Rex, Brains, one Meltrox monster, and one Glaciator monster minifigs. The set features a working harvester wheel, which can collect up crystals and push them into a trailer at the back.`s DescriptionEdit

Grab every crystal before the rock monsters do! Hungry rock monsters are on the loose, gobbling up crystals and causing havoc underground. Unleash the Crystal Sweeper and get them first! This massive mining vehicle spins its auto-rotating harvester wheel to collect a huge cargo of crystals and drop them into its rear-mounted bucket. Use the side-mounted laser crane to drill through rock, or deploy the motorcycle and ramp for emergency escapes and rescues. Just watch out for the monsters and their double-launching catapult!

  • Roll the vehicle to activate the rotating harvester and scoop up the crystals into the bucket!
  • Extend the drilling arm and pivot into position!
  • Includes 2 miner and 2 rock monster minifigures!
  • The set can be combined with the 8959 Claw Digger to create the Crystal Crawler.
  • Measures over 9" (22cm) long and 6" (15cm) wide!