The Crystal King (a.k.a Rock Rage) is the King of the Rockmonsters and a larger, more evolved version of Sulfurix and Geolix.

The King himself.

Other Kings? (Rumors)Edit

It could very well be.

In the Clutch Powers Movie, the crystal king is mistakingly yellow, or is it?

The Crystal King is just an over grown Sulfurix, not some special breed of rockmonster, so do others exist?There is also a Tremorox monster (large Meltrox), so there could be a Red King or there could have also been a Lava King (See Lava Lord) or (Ice Queen) for Icemonsters.

In the Bio on, it states that he got bigger and stronger from crystals (That he's been eating thousands of years.) and he also grows when he gets older.Is it possible that there are other monsters his size???


  • For the shortest time, The crystal king was known as "Rock Rage" on his bio.But Lego removed the name.
  • The set number is 8962.
  • The Crystal King caused the 2010 storyline, when he broke the surface with the Titanium Command Rig.
  • Crystal King is the name of a bikini model.
  • He is guessed to be the leader of the Rockmonster race, although this is speculated.